Defraggler is a freemium defragmentation utility developed by Piriform, which can defragment individual files or groups of files on computer system. Defraggler runs on Microsoft Windows; it has support for all versions since Windows XP


Now that you have defraggler installed let's go over some of the basic task to make your computer run better.

Double Click the Defraggler Icon on your Desktop

defraggler_open_screenNow you will see the opening screen of Defraggler.  From this screen we can see the fragmentation of our C Drive.

In the lower left hand corner you will see a button that says Analyze, Click that button.

Now the software will analyze your drive for fragmentation.  Remember RED IS BAD.  This is the fragmented files.  Think of it this way a hard drive is like a Merry-Go-Round that is spinning.  As your computer writes files to the drive it is spinning so the files are not put next to each other that it needs.  This is fragmentation.  So by defragging the drive we are putting all of the same files and parts of the file next to each other.  It takes 10 times as long to read a fragmented file as it does to read one that is not fragmented.  So think about just that 10 times longer to read the file.

defraggler_analyze_screenSo now we see our drive that has been analyzed.  Remembering that RED is BAD we now want to click the Defrag button.

Now the system will start taking every file and putting all of the parts of that file in a continuous part of the drive.

Depending on how much red you have will determine how long this is going to take.  If this is the first time you have run the defrag tool this could take a few hours.  So I recommend the first time you run it, just do it before you are leaving for the day or before you go to bed.

defraggler_schedule_screenNow after the initial defragmentation is done, we want to make sure this does not happen again right?  Of course so let's take a few minutes to setup a scheduled defrag to happen while we sleep.  Click Settings then click Schedule. 

Now we are in the schedule screen this is where we are going to create the task to defrag our drive nightly.  Choose the C Drive, now please a check mark in the Schedule defragmentation for chosen volume please a check mark in the Daily box then choose a time when your usually asleep, in my screen I choose 11pm.  Now click OK ans you are now set to make your system defrag while you sleep.

Please note: If you are a laptop user that does not leave their laptop on over night you will need to check the box that says At Startup this way it will defrag in the background while you work.  It will not slow you down it takes very little overhead to run in the background.

Thank you for taking the time to read this tip from Bad Dog IT and if you have any question please use the contact us tab at the top of this window.